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The twin’s parents went to a relative’s wedding so Abby and Ally went to Aunt Emma’s house for a few days. They were very excited to sleep at Aunt Emma’s house. She has a lot of interesting stuff from all over the world.


Aunt Emma is also a good cook. When they stayed Aunt Emma’s house, Aunt Emma made different kinds of international noodle dishes. Abby and Ally enjoyed it so much they wanted to learn how to cook!


Using familiar material, I want to introduce the various kinds of international food and way of living. I will include stories from 7 to 9 countries and the different types of noodles.


Mio is a little rabbit who lives in the Carmen a town nearby Wibberpeg. She live on Second Ave with her mom and father. Mio's grandparent's first came to Carmen, but now they live in Wibberpeg. 

Mio's best friend is Betty, Betty's father has a cake shop. When Mio visit the shop, Betty's father always give some cupcakes. It is so delicious!

Grandma's special birthday party

A colorful story book starring handmade rag dolls created by Sue Kim and Veronica Yang. “Grandma’s Special Birthday Party” celebrates international day and teaches children about many cultures and traditions around the world! Twin sisters, Abby and Ally finds out about international day and grandma’s birthday is just around the corner!

Abby and Ally prepare a special birthday party for their Grandmother!
This delightful children’s story is a wonderful introduction to our multi-cultural world and the many customs and traditions which enrich our lives. Children will enjoy the colorful costumes and the story.

The story follows Ally and Abby twins as they learn about the many different cultures in the world and how it is important that we all live in harmony.


Raising my kids in Canada, we were lucky to be in an environment where people from different backgrounds could live together in peace. I recognize that this is not true for everyone living in the world. 


Why i wrote this book?

During when I lived in the USA, I raised my 3 children. At that time, I realized that there were not many materials to introduce other cultures or other countries for children. From that time, I wanted to make the stories to introduce other cultures unobtrusively.


If children realized that difference of cultures was not the bad –and that there are reasons for these differences –their world’s will become wider as much as their knowledge. When children understand the various cultures naturally, they could explore the world in a more blissful manner.

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The Little Rabbit

Mio Through the doll Mio I would like to share my experiences that I had with my "street". Yet I don't want to come out as "everything analog is the best". Rather, share my thoughts that the adapting to the fast changing technology of the modern world isn't the ultimate solution to our happiness. 

Through Mio, her family, and other residents that live on Carman's Second Avenue I want to share a slower life that asks what we might have lost.

The neighborhood I grew up in had many kinds of people, all different and special that became connected thanks to the street. 

These street had its own culture, independent of the rural or the city. These streets where I grew up in is where I played, learned, and spent my entire childhood. It really was a street full of wonders. 

Whenever I would open my doors friends would be out there playing. From this word got around quickly amongst the kids. We would hear stories about this his father or her mother. Through these experiences, we were connected. The whole neighborhood was close.

Streets full of wonders


Reconnecting with the street

A few years ago I had the pleasure of living in Carman, Manitoba. Through this experience I was reminded once more of the street from my younger years. This new shock is where my story begins. A small town with only about 3000 people, the neighborhood felt alive and connected.


Shops were no longer there just as functions. It was a friend's store or maybe someone's parents long run business. They were all something more. The street reminded me of the childhood I once had.


As I grew older, this sort of culture started to disappear at a rapid rate, and even faster as a memory for myself when I became an adult. Larger shopping marts, franchise restaurants, big chain stores all brought about a change to my "street". It was no longer a spot to connect with the community and the people.