February 26, 2018

I bought the Greenleaf's dollhouse for Mio's book. After I assembled the house I tried out a test shot to see how it looks on camera. It was not easy to get a clear photo! The roof and small windows obscured the view and I could not find enough light from the sun to illuminate the object. I do not like relying on artificial light so I tried my best to open the aperture as much as I can.

Anyway, this is still one of the best shots I could find! I li...

February 13, 2018

When I made the Abby & Ally's house, I did not have an electric saw. I was left with only one choice to manually hand saw it. I really enjoyed hand stitching but I did not like hand sawing. This caused some shoulder pain after I finished the house.

I used ice cream sticks for the floors and found that it was a bit tricky to straighten up the lines. However, the effort was worth it! Now it looks more natural and adds an antique feelin...

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